Data Validation

Checking datalayer variables set to predefined rules and verifying the accuracy and firing of events on the site

Overview Datalayer

Data Kojak scans all events triggered by your Tag Manager: for each event, the tool collects the datalayer object and matches the configuration specifications.
If Data Kojak finds some errors between the setup and what is found on the website, it shows the key that triggered that error, a message with the type of error, and the connected URL for every page on which this error occurs.

Thank You Page Analysis

The checkout is one of the most critical pages on the site, as well as the least easily accessible for audits. Data Kojak identifies frictions that block conversions and any quantitative errors on revenue, providing a detailed view of analytics values related to purchases.
Compared to Overview Datalayer, the inspection is performed on all thank you pages browsed in order to ensure the most correct tracking within the most important page of the site.

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