Do you have doubts about how Data Kojak works? Let’s try to clarify some of them.

What is Data Kojak

Data Kojak simplifies management and control of online tracking. Our software autonomously monitors the status of analytics, adv tags, and implementation flow across the entire site, thus allowing for timely intervention and error correction.

Data Kojak verifies event tracking on your sites in order to ensure data quality, save time and cut costs. Only by identifying errors early can you make informed and correct business decisions, based on real navigation data.

How it works

Data Kojak performs its analysis once a day, at the same time on all sites, which ensures that every update, release or go-live in new countries is accompanied by a simultaneous check.

Data Kojak can be integrated into websites using Tag Management and Analytics platforms (ex: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics).

Data Kojak does not impact performance in any way because data is collected asynchronously, when the site has already been loaded. Users will not notice any slowdown.

Yes, Data Kojak simulates visitors’ behavior and actions on the site, even on pages only accessible by login.

Constant monitoring is essential to ensure users’ privacy and to prove that you are implementing all necessary measures to protect them. Data Kojak’s audit ensures compliance with data processing regulations by identifying personal data that should not be collected on certain areas of the site (e.g. name entry on the search bar) and preventing it from being processed by the tool.

Data Kojak performs both analysis on real navigation and simulations of user behavior by tracing the entire conversion funnel, in order to achieve the most complete coverage of the website possible.

Yes, Data Kojak supports single-page applications, such as React. Please contact us if there are any additional questions relating to your stack.

The first audit is useful to get an overview at that specific moment, but it cannot guarantee that continuous releases and future site changes will not cause errors. That’s why you need to protect yourself with continuous and comprehensive analysis.

Yes, Data Kojak currently integrates natively with Jira. Depending on requirements, other types of integration can be evaluated on an ad hoc basis.

How to have it

The cost of Data Kojak is calculated on the basis of the features and services selected, number of URLs analyzed, and complexity of web properties. Our software is highly customizable for every specific need. For further information contact us

Our team will take care of the setup in order to release a fully-functioning environment in the shortest possible time. During the kickoff meeting (1h), the main steps will be defined as follows:

  1. Installing the Data Kojak pixel inside the Tag Manager;
  2. Creating rules that must be observed within the Data Layer;
  3. Creating journeys that will simulate user behavior within the website;
  4. Configuring the alerts that Data Kojak will automatically send when an error is identified.

Yes, a pre-configured environment will be released, based on your needs, where you can:

– keep track of the quality of event tracking;

– structure specific journeys that will simulate user behavior;

– manage GTM tags and adv pixel flow.

– download detailed reports

– create alerts

The minimum term is 12 months.

Want to find more?

Contact us to discover all the functions and features of Data Kojak, the software created by Webranking

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